Here We Go!

The story behind the rise of transfer maestro Fabrizio Romano.

Fabrizio Romano has become synonymous with the transfer market. If you need any information regarding any of the transfers, you can simply hop to his Twitter feed and get the right piece of information.

Romano works by the motto of, being right about the news not being first to the news. If you get any information from the Italian, you know it is on or maybe off. 

With the Transfer deadline day not so far away, Romano is expected to be all-in to bring the world the drama that unfolds in football. But of course, Fabrizio didn’t achieve all the status of transfer guru overnight, there is an incredible amount of hard work and a web of incredible connections in the footballing world. In this story, we track the rise of Fabrizio Romano and the importance of those three words, “Here We Go”.

Early Life

At the age of 18, Fabrizio Romano broke his first bit of transfer news. After spending six months writing for a small website in his native Italy, an agent called him from Barcelona with some inside information. He was working at La Masia and meeting Gerard Deulofeu and Mauro Icardi. The Italian agent was trying to make moves in the field and provided the first bit of transfer information for young Fabrizio.

The story of Mauro Icardi transferring from Sampdoria to Inter Milan was the groundbreaking news that put Fabrizio on the map of football transfers and he hasn’t looked back since. In today’s world, where transfer rumours are like wildfires throughout the internet, Fabrizio’s Twitter feed acts as a reliable source of transfer information, and 4.5 Million of Fabrizio’s Twitter followers can be a testament to that.

The story behind “Here We Go”

Fabrizio has become a celebrity of transfer news. When a transfer is agreed between two parties he uses the phrase, “Here we go” which has stuck with the fans and they started liking it.

Not a single transfer is confirmed until Romano tweets, “Here We Go.” The story behind it is very circumstantial. As Fabrizio recalls in this video, he was talking about a Manchester United transfer, he said “There were many updates about the same transfer because top clubs work like this; to take a top player you have to wait a bit and you have good and bad moments. You need time. I was tweeting day by day about this news and then when the deal was done, I have tweeted 'OK here we go!' - finally it's finished and it's a done deal.” 

People went head over heels and gave Fabrizio the brand. It was a very casual approach from Romano, but it has become a substantial part of the transfer market. 

The Transfer Guru

He is an integral part of the entire football transfer news. It would be erratic if we enlisted all the major deals he has broken for the public, let us see some fans pleading for some insights on a transfer on Twitter, Here We Go!